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friedafan [userpic]

'bout the uploading

October 28th, 2008 (11:51 am)

current mood: sad
current song: A.Mamontovas - loss theme

Sorry I did'nt upload enything in the last three weeks .. the reason is I don't get no unseen photos .. sorry for that so muzh. But I hope soon we'll fix the problem ;]]

friedafan [userpic]

cutest picture I have ever seen!!

October 6th, 2008 (09:44 am)

current mood: cheerful


This is the most beautiful picture for me : } she looks so perfect.

I'm jelous! :D

friedafan [userpic]

more photos!

October 3rd, 2008 (05:00 am)

current mood: happy

  haha. I looove this one : }

 I like all the photos from the 'redhat' series : }} she looks so sweet and simple in all of them.

 North Stradbroke Island ; }

What do you Think? :} I think there's no photo that she looks bad in.

friedafan [userpic]


September 23rd, 2008 (12:28 am)

current mood: artistic

I promissed to upload some photos, but I didn't do it. So sorry very much :/ I've been so busy lately, when school started.
so here are some photos for your curious eyes :]


Hope you like them! I personaly like the third one most : }}

Comment!! ;o

friedafan [userpic]


September 11th, 2008 (01:51 pm)

current mood: artistic

I am so very sorry that I didn't upload anything in a looooong time, but my pc was broken and I didn't have the time .. ;//
So Tomorrow I'll try to make it up to you :D
I'll post some unseen Frieda's photos.. And for today I would like you to write in the comments eht do you think about beautiful Frieda? :]

bye, till tomorrow! 

friedafan [userpic]

About Frieda Rose.

July 29th, 2008 (07:56 am)

current mood: sleepy

Frieda Rose is no doubt a very smart, inteligent obv beautiful personality. She's beautiful not only on her outside, but also in her inside.
Frieda Rose is a nineteen old girl, and she's very smart for her age. I in personal know a lot if 19-teens or even older people and they're just dumb.
She's studying at an Australian universety on her first year. Frieda's passion is American politics.

Frieda Rose has a younger brother (Joe) and sister (Martha). Her
mother is from Scandinavian descent and her father was born in the United Kingdom, She has a lot of relatives living in UK. Damn, I would lake that. Her family is, I guess her family is a dream for a lot. They care for each other, they love each other and they have much fun being together. I think there's a lot of love in her home ( hometown, Castlemain), that's a home where I'd like to live in ;} my family is very different, but that's a different story, back to Frieda ^^ I think she'll maybe not so sun but have a family of her own with Ambrose. She's been with him for two and a half years, and they look so perfect together. Like a perfect match! And she seems to adore him. One thing I understood from reading her blog is that he cares about her, and really really loves her, like she loves him. Everything's like in a pretty movie.

She doesn't reveal a lot of her real friends. All I know, and I guess a lot of you, is that her best friend is Dylan. I guess it's a bit hard for her, to be best friends with him, 'cause Amb may get jelous sometimes, but that's what boys do :}

I guess you all have noticed that Frieda Rose is faked a lot. I guess obv why.;> Well her real life in the 'net is in:
 LJ : http://thatsfieda.livejournal.com
myspace : http://myspace.com/friedabla
flickr : http://flickr.com/photos/friedabla
youtube : http://youtube.com/friedabla
one : friedaroseonline@one.lt
What do you think about the faker problem?


Her photos are amazing. Even though she sometimes says that they're just boring face pics, I disagree. It has something so arty and beautiful in them!
Like this one : I just looooooove this one!!

So I guess It's all for today.
Comment what you think about Frieda Rose!

Bye, ily


friedafan [userpic]


July 27th, 2008 (09:12 pm)

current mood: calm

Woohoo! Came up with Frieda Rose mood icons for the fan page!
Sorry, I don't know how to post them so you could download or something ;/
Anyway, hope it'll make the page nicer :}
I'll be writing a huge entry about Frieda, maybe even today.


friedafan [userpic]

Bit of rare or unseen photographs.

July 27th, 2008 (08:14 am)

current mood: happy

one of my favorites (:

friedafan [userpic]


July 27th, 2008 (07:52 am)

current mood: happy

So, I decided that livejournal is a way better place than skyrock. It's much much comfier to upload photographs and etc.

As you all understood this is a site dedicated to Frieda Rose. Why? Because she's a totally amazing and interesting personality. I think everybody agrees on that.

At this fan site, I'll be posting lots of photos seen/unseen ones. I'll put watermarks on every one of them 'cause of the fakers (:
I hope you like this fan site, and you'll visit here too.
Any suggestions on how to make this site more interesting are totally welcomed :)
If you have any questions or something you can contact me :
yahoo ( messenger 2 ) : pukutisz@yahoo.com
Gmail ( Google talk ) : dovilytes@gmail.com
skype : darklycute

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