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friedafan [userpic]

wee, icons!

January 18th, 2009 (12:43 am)

current mood: accomplished

I currently have no photoshop, so I tried to make icons with picnik. sorry, if you dont like 'em : )





friedafan [userpic]

a little bit of pictures : )

January 18th, 2009 (12:00 am)

current mood: pleased

 Joe & Frieda : )

friedafan [userpic]


January 17th, 2009 (12:09 pm)

current mood: sad

Yesterday I found some complains, that I don't upload much. A very big sorry for that.
I just got my new pc, and all of the photos I had dissapeared.
And I don't get any new/rare/unseen photos, 'cause no one sends them to me.

If you have some, it doesn't matter new ones, old ones, just send them. I'll be very thankfull!

Send them to dovilytes@gmail.com

Thanks for your understanding : )


friedafan [userpic]


December 27th, 2008 (06:26 am)

current mood: indescribable

ho ho ho! merry xmas everybody! :]:]

I wish you all the best!

here are some seen/unseen/rare pictures for you :}


 - I absolutely LOOOVE this one :}}

Huge thanks to LOVE-FRIEDA x3 for sending me these pictures :}}

Happy holidays!

friedafan [userpic]

againagainagain ICONS!

December 10th, 2008 (03:41 am)

current mood: sick

Yes I have nothing more to do :  )




So the site is getting SO boring with all these icons around.

If any of you have unseen/rare photos of Frieda Rose please send 'em to dovilytes@gmail.com or my myspace.

Thanks ;]

friedafan [userpic]

same old icons.

December 7th, 2008 (09:25 pm)

current mood: blank







Oh god, that's a lot : }

friedafan [userpic]

rare pictures

December 7th, 2008 (02:50 pm)

current mood: bouncy

I found these pictures on a fakers page, they're pretty to me : )


friedafan [userpic]

happy B-DAY for Frieda!

December 2nd, 2008 (12:06 pm)

current mood: blah

I hope you had an awesome birthday ; }}
I love birthdays :D

here are some icons I made today, not much though.




Hope ya'll like them : }

PS : Hope Frieda sends me some unseen pictures or videos soon, 'cause the site is getting boooring .. If you have some, please send 'em to dovilytes@gmail.com

Thanks : } <3

friedafan [userpic]

time fooor ....

November 8th, 2008 (02:12 am)

current mood: cold
current song: A. Mamontovas - loss theme

Photos & icons! ♥ : ))


Thanks to lOve-Frieda for sending me some unseen pictures & ofcourse for Frieda Rose : ))

& icons :


whoa! that's a lot of icons ;D you ca use them, but please write, that they are made by friedafan if you post them anywhere & etc. Hope you like 'em! I guess more coming soon? I love making them : )

Well, that's it for now, bye!


friedafan [userpic]


October 30th, 2008 (12:54 pm)

current mood: accomplished

These are a couple I've made yesterday whenI was bored. It's my first better set, so don't judge me! : }} Hope you like them.




Here you go! Comment if you take any : }

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